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Corporate culture coaching

Our Program Consists of Seven Modules with over 57 sub-concepts which profoundly drill into the human behavior and the motives behind it. The modules and the sub-concepts are mapped to the challenges/symptoms which they manage to cure. For Human Resources professionals, we have also mapped our concepts to the SHL Great Eight Competencies and their sub concepts forming the 112 Framework and this to assist Human Resources Read more

Inspirational Sessions

In the middle of all macro and micro challenges faced on daily basis, Companies and Businesses confirmed that they need nothing more than Boosting and Enabling Positivity. The mental clutter everyone is facing on daily basis is hindering and interrupting personal Read more

Public Workshops

Every now and then and to make our services more convenient, we deliver a one day Workshop with special focus on one of our powerful concepts. These workshops are either public delivered to participants from different organizations or tailored upon demand and developed to a specific organization. Our workshops are ... Read more